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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rock Hound Hike


This is looking west from our camp site shortly after we awoke. Large mammatus clouds, normally associated with large or severe thunderstorms, but in this case, light snow.


Rock Hound has another nearby day use area that we checked out. Very nice location for a picnic as the small shelters walk up a steep valley. At the end you can hike up the valley to a saddle. The hillsides are fairly steep, and it was quite cool out. A snow shower had just ended when this was taken.


This the view looking east from the top. You can see the small shelters near the bottom center of the image. Interstate 10 is out there somewhere!


A view looking southwesterly. Note the vertical towers developing in the distant cloud field.


More westerly.


More west to northwest. Deming is just beyond the image to the right. I have yet to figure out what the straight lines on the ground are. As far as I can tell, nothing is planted here. Maybe fields at one time. We had gotten off the trail somehow, and ended up bushwhacking for a bit before I came across the trail again. Walking on a 35-40 degree slope is not fun with an abundance of small rocks, shale, and cacti. On the way back down we failed to figure out where we had gotten off the trail. On trail, sorta easy; off trail, not so much! We had a good workout, so that’s what counts.

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