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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rock Hound SP, NM


Before leaving Valley of Fires, Carla took this shot as showers passed to our east heading northward. The combination of light rain, cloud, and sunshine was pretty cool.


We arrived at Rock Hound State Park near Deming around 2 PM, and decided we needed to go out. We had heard about a place out in the country that was recommended, but I could not remember the name. A quick text to our friend Debbie got us going. Your first impression…is this a place of business?



Here ya go! Ya got your oxygen bar in the far upper left. Your 12 foot long alligator in the display case on the left there. All sorts of stuffed animals around the upper walls. Your adobe bar in the back, with the back wall filled with every imaginable kind of liquor. Your regulars sitting in the far left corner holding the bar down or up. A lonely blonde next to the pool table, which says No Dancing With Spurs.  In fact, she looked so lonely, one of the regulars came over and started chatting with her. On the left there, a tall heater since you can see outside through the top of the wall. The back door in the right corner is held shut with a big piece of steel jammed across the frame. So ya, the food is awesome! We wanted the porterhouse steak, but we split a large T-bone instead since they were out of porters. It tasted just as good as our home-grown Iowa beef…and the beer was cold.

P1010015 P1010014

I had to push the fill light on the upper image some, so that you could see the leather seating area. Nice. The table tops are pounded copper with a wood burner to the immediate right of the bottom image. Pretty good country music was playing, and I’m not a huge fan of country either. It is a bit pricey, but it’s something you don’t see everyday anymore. Our families would love this place.


After our first night, we did a couple of miles on trails at the park. The camping area is in the immediate background with Deming in the distance. To the immediate right of what looks like a pine tree in the picture center, a new restroom/shower building is being built in adobe style.


For the non-southwestern people, this is a fish-hook barrel cactus. You don’t want to fall into one of these.


This is why. Aptly named I’d say!


A view to the west, southwest. Can you spot the dust devil? Mind you it was 45 degrees out!


Rock Hound is one of two state parks in the country that you can hunt and keep gemstones.


Not bad for a pretty cool day. Gusts were reaching 30 mph.


I shot this coming back from Silver City, which is about 45 miles north of Deming. There are two aviation-related and two weather-related occurrences in this image. Can you name them? It is supposed to get a bit warmer for tomorrow with less wind, which would be nice, but I don’ think it will last long. Luckily, we have an electric site.

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