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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Caballo State Park NM


We left Gila Box and Arizona to head to Caballo SP in New Mexico as we travel towards Denver. We opted to dry camp along Caballo Lake, which is New Mexico’s third largest. This is the view out our door looking east across the lake. About 50 miles farther east is White Sands.


It was breezy by late afternoon, gusting to 30 mph by evening. So we knew we were back in New Mexico! You can see the white caps beginning to form on the lake. We received some spits of rain, but that was it. The mountain ranges run north-south in the southern half of New Mexico for the most part. This valley extends all the way north through Albuquerque, terminating at Santa Fe.


There was a full moon the first night there, so I tried this shot out the door. The next afternoon and night the winds had increase substantially, reaching 45 mph in gusts. Of course, I stuck my head out the door to check the weather out, forgetting about a small sack of pop cans on the door step, those were sucked right out the door and immediately disappeared in the strong winds. Damn, stuff like this happens to me more than I’d like to admit. So, I grabbed a flashlight and ran outside and found half of them on the other side of the rig. Once the cans were on the ground, they didn’t blow too far. The rig was rocking so bad later as the wind direction shifted, that we had to turn her more into the wind. Made a big difference. The next morning, we found the rest of the cans.

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  1. I have experienced those winds many times in NM. The rigs really rock and roll. I hope you don't have to drive in them.