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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Desert to Pines Highway


At the eastern end of Lake Roosevelt, Highway 88 heads north to Young AZ climbing into the Mogollon Rim. This shot is through a slot canyon to the lake below.


Higher terrain stair steps above the road. These are locally called Angel Wings.


Higher still, looking back towards the lake valley. A lot of dust and haze in the atmosphere below 5000 feet. Moving into elk country now.


The road was nearly one lane in places, the dropoff to the left was significant but not straight down. Supposedly trucks up to 70 feet are allowed, but I don’t know how.


We stopped at the USFS Reynolds Group campsite where a trailhead was located. We did about a four miler. It was nice to be in TREES!



We were going to Young, but at 20 miles to go, we decided to turn around. Our hike was a bit exhausting. On the way back, you can drive out to the edge of one of the plateaus that overlook the lake. This guy was out there. Again, it was very dusty and hazy. Visibility was not more than 10 miles. Picture taking in this crap is not the best.


Here is a bit better shot. Yes, it falls straight down just beyond his truck.


On the plateau, getting close to going down. Going around some of these roads is quite unnerving at times. Going up maybe ok, but coming back makes you wonder why you drove up in the first place. Sometimes it works the other way. Just depends if you are on the outside edge and no guard rail. Carla is usually the better trooper on road edges than me. If I get out and walk it, no problem. Weird.

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