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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last Post For Awhile


These are the Spanish Peaks to the south of Lathrop SP at Walsenburg CO, 13610 and 12669 feet respectively. The plains Indians named the peaks Huajatolla (Wa-ha-toy-a) which translates to “Breasts of the World”. That certainly fits. The twin peaks were used as directional guides for many years by explorers, trappers, and settlers. We were supposed to reach Pueblo today, but gusty winds and blowing dirt forced us to hold here. Just to the west, on the plains, blowing dirt forced the closure of several highways due to accidents and zero visibility.


If you do not have a Colorado State Park sticker, the state parks can get expensive. At least at this park, you are charged for a hot shower. You can use the rates here to charge your in-laws when they visit. At least, I imagine the showers are hot. A change box was available outside of the building.


This is the reason for our extended stay at Denver. Asa will be 13 months in a few days. He needs some balancing assistance for walking, plus he likes his binky occasionally. I have never seen a kid eat practically everything you put in front of him. Brussels sprouts to tomatoes to tuna on toast. He does not like kale.



So, with that shot, we will temporarily halt this production. We will see you all again soon.

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