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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Windy Hill Campground, Roosevelt Lake AZ


Instead of going deeper into SE AZ we headed north towards Phoenix after leaving the Sonoita area. I don’t especially like back-tracking, but there it is. That decision was based primarily on the forecast of an inch of rain or more and the cooler temperatures near Sonoita. Our road was sandy and should not have presented a problem but we had to cross two dry creek beds which might have. Keep in mind that Sonoita is around 4000 feet. So we opted for lower. Going towards Globe from Phoenix is a decent climb. Skye got a rigorous workout as trans temps pushed 230F, next time we disconnect the Jeep, just saves wear and tear on the everything. So here we are, our campsite at Windy Hill USFS overlooking Roosevelt Lake.


We are near the top of the loop, as terrain slopes down to the left towards the lake. And…we are by ourselves. Carla loves it here. Hot solar showers, water, trash pickup, ramada and super views. All for $3 a day. Plus birds and coyotes!



A bit blurry for some reason, but she loves her Kindle Fire HD. A Happy Camper!

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  1. I drove last year from Apache Junction to the Roosevelt Lake Dam. 24 miles of washboard gravel road. But it was very scenic.