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Friday, July 25, 2014

Across Washington


We exited beautiful Coeur d’Alene and headed west across Washington. The Columbia River at Vantage WA along I-90 is about the half way point on your way to the Seattle area.

This is an impressive slice in the ground caused by the Missoula Floods. Far upstream is the Grand Coulee Dam. We usually visit dams, but for some reason we did not take the extra hour out of our way to visit. This view is looking north.


Same view but with sand beaches!


Downstream. That is the I-90 bridge. More cloud in this view, or is it an illusion?


A view upstream, close to the water level. Pretty big river at this point.


We overnighted at a Snopark off I-90 just before the climb up Snoqualmie Pass. This is a shot just past the summit. At the Highway 18 turnoff after completing the downward run, we experienced our first breakdown ever in the rig. The serpentine belt failed. Just at a turnoff no less! Luckily I had a spare and we were on our way in about 40 minutes.


After a bit of slow traffic getting around the southern edge of the Seattle-Tacoma nightmare we headed towards Aberdeen, Hoquiam and the Pacific coast. Hoquiam used to be an upper air station years ago before it was moved to the Quileute Airport near La Push.  This is the beach near the Quinault Casino near Ocean Shores WA, where we met our friends Jim, Gayle, Debbie and a new friend Kim!


Here is what greeted us the next morning, KITES!  You know it will be a good day when someone is flying kites. In this case, huge kites with slow moving tails. The winds were 15 knots sustained along the beach, nearly all day. Probably too gusty in Iowa to fly something like this for long, unless you found the perfect spot somewhere. I would imagine you could do this most of the time here.


We did some hiking south of town on a spit of land later in the day. This is the view to the east. Mt. Baker is off the left and Rainer is off the right. It was a hazy day, but you could still see snow on the mountains!

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  1. Glad to see you back online! I love the beautiful pictures. Wish you were closer so I could visit you for a few days. Maybe someday... Keep on posting!