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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Finding Northwest…


Ahhh, Iowa. A shot out the window as we head to the great Pacific Northwest! We overnighted southeast of Sioux City at a county park the first night, then made a mad dash all the way to Cabela’s at Rapid City for the second night. That was probably one of the longest drives in the rig we have ever made. Kinda hurts sucking $200 a day in fuel!


A shot of the north end of the Big Horn Mountains before arriving at our campsite. Quite smoky.


The third night we stopped at Ranchester WY which is a small burg with a State Historical Site. Not a very auspicious location to say the least.


It is sad in many ways what occurred here. None the least if the battle would have occurred at all if General Connor received his reassignment several days earlier…and what the heck was Jim Bridger thinking? Also, one would have thought with the Civil War over, the nation would have been extremely tired of more fighting and dying. There is also a small pyramid erected at the site during the 1930s memorializing the battle with a much more positive slant. Here is Wikipedia’s Battle of Tongue River.


The site is in a small oxbow of the Tongue, and provided a nice running water sound. On the other side of the bow, you can swing out over the water on a hanging rope.


A shot down the road as we progressed into southeast Montana the next day.



The sky was quite milky from forest fires.


If you are a fan of the Little Bighorn Battle, this is a Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho warriors’ view of the hill where Reno and Benteen were positioned. The large camp of Native Americans was along the river bottom, which is that tree line.


Moving westward along that ridge you can see the small rise where General Custer’s group was brought down. You can barely see the marker to the left of the lone tree. Several deep draws angle toward the small hilltop which aided the warriors’ approach.


A bit of zoom.


Continuing on, the view coming into Butte Montana.


After taking advantage of a fairly quiet Walmart parking lot at Bozeman, we reached this nice Forest Service campground past Missoula the next day. A light rain was falling, which brought out the pine smell, and clearing the air of smoke.


This is one reason why we like Forest Service campgrounds. The poor volunteer was just finishing cleaning up after a packed weekend. The USDA could not afford to pay all those volunteers for what they do.


If you happen to be in northwest Montana, this is a very nice and quiet campground, surrounded on three sides by tall ridges, lots of trees and easy access. The weekends are full.

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