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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hoh River Trail


This is the view outside the Kalaloch Lodge just up the road from South Beach. We had just finished a nice breakfast with our friends before heading to the world famous Hoh River Trail.


Right off the bat, size matters here.


This is the base of the above Sitka Spruce.


If you are familiar with aviation, Sitka Spruce was and still is an important tree. They make very strong wings when most airplanes used to be made out of wood. Plenty of homebuilders of aircraft still use Sitka Spruce wood, when you can get it.


As with the Quinault area rainforest, this one is no different.


The Hoh River, with the trail right next to it. The water is milky in appearance due to glacier melt. It would be a great river to kayak, but you have to put up with what you see downstream, a tree in the river.


Close to the river, dampled sunlight occurs. The trail is about 15 miles long. The first 13 or so is relatively flat. Imagine hiking this during a downpour. Rainfall is measured in feet.


Ferns and trees, trees and ferns.


If you lie on the ground long enough, you end up covered in moss. Heck, you can stand up and get covered in moss!


The easiest way to travel through the park is via the rivers. Hence the trails follow the rivers. Back in the very late 1800s, a exploring party left the northern end of the peninsula and traveled to Quinault Lake. It took the party 6 months and near death before reaching their destination. Now you can hike in 4-5 days.


A nice end to a hoh-hoh time.

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