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Monday, July 28, 2014

Quinault Rain Forest


We left the Quinault Casino (you can stay at casinos free in an RV) after the weekend and drove north to South Beach Campground in the southwest corner of Olympic National Park. South Beach is essentially a ledge of land between Highway 101 and the Pacific shoreline. The next day,  we took a road trip to the Quinault Rainforest and Lake. The lake and portions of the southern side are owned by the Quinault tribe. Here Carla is chatting with our eldest daughter as I climbed the stairs to view a huge cedar tree. Amazing where you can get cell service.


The tree was dead. What a bummer, but it was still huge.


You can walk inside and look up! The wood is like concrete.


Its been topped and someday, it too will become a nurse tree.


These are fungi. The name has been misplaced in my brain.


This is a nurse tree. It was a huge Western RedCedar. That trunk is probably 5 feet in diameter. Yes, those are small trees growing out of the fallen trunk.


The loop around the lake is about 30 miles long with the north side mostly in moderate to heavy forest. With abundant rainfall, moss is everywhere. It was in the low 80s for the drive, so above normal temperatures.


If it was pouring rain, this would be a good place to see a velociraptor stick her head up.


After crossing the Quinault River to the south side, the view opens up. You are looking upstream. This would be a super river to kayak. You can see the bottom anywhere.


This is a big honkin’ Sitka Spruce. Easily 150 feet tall.


Near the end of the loop are several hikes that explore the rainforest near the lake. The northern side was noticeably drier versus this side. Moss grows on everything. Can you imagine getting 12-14 feet of rain in a year? Better have a good roofer handy!

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