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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rialto Beach, WA


We moved out of South Beach and headed for Mora Campground near Forks, WA. Mora is a very nice campground in Olympic NP, but it is in a mature rainforest. So, not a lot of sun. You are not far from the ocean. This is Rialto Beach.


Getting a sunny day or a foggy day is the luck of the draw. Note the low cloud bank/fog not far away.


Some sea creature creates these holes. There is an explanation!


The water is not too cold, but it’s not warm either.


Those sea stacks used to be connected to land. The ocean undercuts the rock and eventually it separates. That hole to the right is how the process evolves.


Rialto Beach is just north of La Push. Here you see a portion of La Push’s seawall. There are other beaches south of La Push, but you have to travel to each individually.


Reminds me of a Star Wars creature. There is a face in there somewhere, isn’t there?

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