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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Beach #2, La Push, WA


As I have already mentioned, the beaches south of La Push are gained via individual trails. You can not just walk from one beach to the next. As you can see, fog.


There was some sunshine when we stepped foot on the beach, but within five minutes it was gone.


Here you see predators at the bottom with food above, muscles and barnacles.


More squishy sea creatures. Actually, the sea stars are quite solid. The oozing anemones are creepy.


A rather unusual tree along the trail to the beach. There was an obnoxious Italian woman following us, about 50-75 yards back. She was yacking loudly to her partner in her native language the entire way to the beach. She was an agreeable-looking woman, who I had hoped, would be swamped by a wave.


La Push is not large. This looks to be a nice eating establishment right on the edge of the ocean. The Quileute Tribe did not charge for parking to access their beaches, maybe they should.


We stopped at this little café not far from our campsite. I recommend their salmon sandwich.

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