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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Discovery Trail, Port Angeles, WA


The National Park Service, other federal and state agencies and Native tribes are/and have removed two dams on the Elwha River. This the site of the lower Elwha Dam, not far from the strait. The dams were built with no accommodation for salmon, hence they have been extinct on this river for over 100 years. The river moves that that narrow chute on the left.


This what the dam looked like. It generated the first electrical power for the region in the 1913, especially supplying the pulp mill at Port Angeles.


Since we did not bring out bikes, we walked about two and half miles to this awesome looking bridge on the Elwha. The Discovery Trail is a super bike/pedestrian trail that will eventually run along the strait all the way to Neah Bay.


The trail essentially follows the old railroad line.


This was the original bridge, a Warren Truss. Interesting history.


Of course, it needed to be replaced. They used a unique cantilever design so as not to bother the river fish movements.






Vehicle traffic above, bike and peeps below.


On the way back to the Jeep, we spotted this old vehicle back off the trail a bit. It appeared that it was shoved over the above ridge top.


Carla loves these Pacific Madrona trees.


The wood is very dense and heavy. Unfortunately, large board sizes warp badly. It makes excellent firewood, burning hotter and longer than oak.

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