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Monday, August 11, 2014

Historical Columbia Highway


After the dam visit, we jumped onto the nearby original roadway that parallels the river. The Interstate currently resides along the river and has taken up most of the original road. There are portions that remain, which take you higher up the valley side, where quite a number of waterfalls exist. This is all part of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This is Latourell Falls, named after a prominent settler. It is a 249 feet fall.


I was amazed at the lichen covering the rock on the one side. Why do you think that is so?


We hiked down a path beneath the bridge near the falls. Quite an artistic bridge structure. All cement.


There are viewpoints along portions of the road that climb to the top of the headlands. This is Vista House, quite an attractive structure.




Looking upstream from Visa House, this is what you see. That tall rock formation in the center is Beacon Rock, a basalt volcano plug. The softer outer material was stripped away during the Missoula Floods (check several installments back).

On October 31, 1805, Lewis and Clark saw Beacon Rock and in his journal, Captain Clark called it "Beaten Rock". It was near Beacon Rock that they first measured tidal influences from the ocean on the Columbia River.

"... a remarkable high detached rock Stands in a bottom on the Stard Side near the lower point of this Island on the Stard. Side about 800 feet high and 400 paces around, we call the Beaten rock. ..." [Clark, October 31, 1805]

Clarke would probably be amused that there is a trail up to the top!


This is the view downstream. It was just a hazy day with thunderstorms expected that evening.


One of the reasons for stopping near Portland was to see long time friends. Erik to the left and Mike to the right. Erik used to be a co-worker of mine in the National Weather Service at Des Moines. Now he is the boss of Bonneville Power’s Meteorology Unit. Mike works at the local university in admissions and counseling. Carla killed the beer flight.


Portland is well known for various modes of transportation. Here you have a people-powered bar trolley. You travel from bar to bar, drinking along the way, with a designated trolley driver. Those that slack are caned.


Two words, Voodoo DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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