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Monday, August 4, 2014

Lake Crescent, WA


From Mora Campground we jumped to Heart o’ The Hills in Olympic NP, which is just south of Port Angeles. It’s a good climb up to the campground. This is a hazy shot looking over the city north into Canada.


Lake Crescent, looking towards the west. The lake is very clear and quite deep.


A Pacific Madrona growing next to the lake. It peels somewhat like a Paper Birch. Beautiful tree, the leaves are evergreen, lasting a few years before detaching.


Marymere Falls near Lake Crescent Lodge.



From a higher viewpoint.


To hike to the falls, you have to go this this funky tunnel under the road. Pretty stout since log trucks are rolling over it.


This is Sol Duc Falls a mile beyond the end of the road to the Sol Duc campground. Several park trails that go deep into the park join up at this location.


You can almost feel the ground shake near the falls. Imagine how much water is flowing during snowmelt!


This is a crappy shot of the western end of Crescent Lake. Done through the windshield. This road parallels the lake. It is a very beautiful lake but I failed to get any great pictures of it.

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